20th Anniversary 1998-2018

Formed in 1998, CHAC became a nonprofit organization in 2000. The Chambersburg Hispanic American Center (CHAC) bridges the language and cultural divide that sometimes hinders new Latino residents from accessing services for which they are eligible. CHAC’s main goals are to inform and educate.  It seeks to integrate Latinos, both temporary and permanent residents, into the local community and help them to improve the quality of their lives. Most of our work is carried out through one-on-one counseling in Spanish and English, offered free. CHAC connects people with jobs, housing and various social services.   

CHAC offers free referral and case management services to all low-to-moderate income individuals, regardless of their ethnicity or language spoken. 

CHAC has a special mission to serve Latino clients.  Hence its bilingual services.

With support from Summit Endowment, Capital Blue, BB&T, and the Alexander Stewart Foundation, CHAC has been developing an educational program for the parents of toddlers so that parents can create at-home learning opportunities to prepare their young children for Kindergarten. 

Our federal nonprofit identification number (EIN) is 25-1824369.  CHAC's PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations (BCO) registration number is 03753.

Each year, CHAC submits financial records, reports on its activities and members of its Board to the Bureau of Charitable Organizations (BCO), part of the PA Department of State, for its review and permission to raise funds for charitable purposes.  CHAC has passed that review and has secured permission, thus making contributions to CHAC tax-deductible for its donors in this tax year.

Chambersburg Hispanic American Center

252 S. Main St. Chambersburg, PA 17201

Phone: 717-262-2480

Fax: 717-504-8853